A 7-week journey that will not only relieve heel pain, but Have you feeling your best.

INSPIRE Heel Pain Program

Pain free, with confidence Through empowerment and education.

The purpose of this program is to get you back!

The INSPIRE Heel Pain Program has been developed by The Performance Podiatrist, with methods that have helped thousands of people suffering with pain under their heel.

Investigate the cause
Null your symptoms
Strengthen you
Plan ahead
Invest in your health
Regain confidence
Empower you

Plantar Heel Pain Program Wantirna South Podiatrist | The Performance Podiatrist

So what does the INSPIRE plantar heel pain program consist of?

* Shockwave Therapy can be contraindicated in some people, and may not be a method of treatment
* Custom orthoses may not always be required.

The INSPIRE Heel Pain Program has been developed by The Performance Podiatrist, from both an evidence based and clinical outcomes perspective, which yields real life results.

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The INSPIRE Heel Pain Program Structure

Initial Consultation: 1 Hour (Includes: History taking, Biomechanical Examination, Benchmark Testing, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Treatment Plan Formulation)

Weekly Consultations x 6: 30 mins (Progress Check-In’s, Tailored Strength Sessions, Education, Load Management Strategies, Lifestyle Modifications, Footwear Prescription)

Shockwave Therapy Sessions: x 4-6 weekly treatments.

Custom Foot Orthoses: 3D Scanned and printed, 100% custom to only your foot, Comfort Guarantee, 2 x orthoses check in reviews @ 6 weeks and 3 months

The Evidence behind the INSPIRE Heel Pain Program:

What does all this evidence mean, and how does the INSPIRE Program utilise it?

The evidence shows: stretching, education, and taping to be a first line treatment. Followed by addressing load, related conditions, and footwear, followed with the addition of Shockwave therapy at 4 weeks and Custom Orthoses at 12 weeks.

The INSPIRE Heel Pain Program bases its principles off these guidelines. However relates this to the individual, speeds up the process through earlier use of interventions (Shockwave Therapy and Custom Orthoses), opposed to a wait and see method. Allowing for quicker results.

The INSPIRE program has utilised this evidence to formulate a measurable and tailored approach, delivered in such a way, allowing for such a high success rate.


Those suffering with plantar fasciitis, who would like to be pain free again. To enjoy doing what they love and be stronger than they ever have been before.

We can help you make this decision, through a simple phone call, with no obligation. We will discuss whether we think the INSPIRE Heel Pain Program will benefit you or not, and recommend other modes of treatment. The INSPIRE heel pain program is not suitable for every candidate and we will be sure to let you know.

Unfortunately orthotics are made differently between all practitioners. Through our use of 3D scanning technology, knowledge of orthotics and heel pain, and our determination to make sure they are perfect for you. You can be assured your orthotics will be of effect.

It is a treatment delivered by a machine, which delivers kinetic energy into a shockwave (not an electric shock) at a very high speed, targeting the plantar fascia. It increases blood flow + metabolic activity, decreases pain, through depletion of substance – p from C-fibres, increases speed of tissue healing and reduction of scar tissue/calcification.

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