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Shockwave Therapy

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Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy is used to treat chronic foot and ankle conditions. Most commonly Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinopathies. The Shockwave Machine will deliver high-energy soundwaves (not electric shocks) which are transmitted from a probe held against and passes through the skin and into the targeted tissues. Our Shockwave Machine (EMS Swiss Dolorclast) is the only machine with Level 1 Evidence and an 85-90% success rate.

This is the only TGA and FDA approved machine, allowing us to treat you with the highest standard in the world.

Specialist Treatments

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

If you’re looking for a solution for your foot ailments, Shockwave Therapy at The Performance Podiatrist could be an excellent choice. Here are some of the reasons why:

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Which conditions will Shockwave Therapy Treatment help with?

Shockwave Therapy Treatment is known for its efficacy and lasting results when it comes to dealing with Chronic Plantar FasciitisAchilles Tendinopathies, and Trigger Points/Myofascial Pain.

The entire shockwave session typically lasts no longer than twenty minutes, with a recommended four to six treatments prescribed depending on patient progress. Patients report very good results from shockwave therapy, which can provide long-term relief after only a short course of treatment.

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How does Shockwave help?

There are 4 main ways:

This occurs through the depletion of Substance P from C-Fibres creating an analgesic effect.

(Angiogenesis) Through the development of new blood vessels around the tissue. This will increase blood supply allowing for greater healing rates.

Which stimulate cell growth and tissue repair.

Via the radial shockwaves penetrating 4cm into the tissue, will cause the calcification to break down and allow the body to bring in new healthy cells for healing, which can help restore function and reduce pain. 

Conditions We Treat

Plantar Heel Pain Program

We can treat a wide range of conditions, injuries and pain in the foot, ankle and lower leg. Some of the more common conditions we treat include:


This can vary from person to person, normally 4-6 treatment session. However you will feel a decrease in pain from the initial session.

It can be uncomfortable at the beginning however this pain will slowly reduce, the more you are exposed to the energy waves. Most people are able to tolerate it. We also have the luxury of reducing the speed to accommodate you. 

We use the EMS Swiss Dolorcast Shockwave Machine.
This is the only TGA and FDA approved machine, allowing us to treat you with the highest standard in the world.
The Swiss Dolorcast Shockwave Machine also has an 85-90% rate of success which has been proven with Level 1 studies, some outlined below:

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