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Partial Nail Avulsions (Part of the nail removed) or Total Nail Avulsions (Whole nail removed) with cauterization of the matrix are surgeries which remove the nail and the cells which they grow from to prevent recurring ingrown toe nails. This surgery is done within an hour and only requires a local anaesthetic.

The Procedure: 

  1. Sterilisation of the toe through use of betadine and alcohol swab.

  2. The toe is anesthetized using a local anaesthetic called Xylocaine which numbs the toe.

  3. We then wait approx. 5 minutes for the toe to fully numb and apply a tourniquet. 

  4. We remove the intruding nail using a variety of instruments. 

  5. The use of a chemical called phenol is applied to where the nail grows to prevent re-growth. 

  6. The tourniquet is removed and we wait for the blood to re-flow.

  7. Appropriate dressings are applied and we show you how to re-dress the nail. 


Is it painful? 

There may be some discomfort during the anaesthetic injection; however we are extremely gentle with this. Once the anaesthetic has worn off it can also be a little tender to walk; we recommend elevating the foot, taking Panadol and reduce weight bearing as much as possible for the first 2-3 days post procedure.

What is the recovery process?

We will educate you how to look after the toe post the procedure. Essentially you will re-dress the toe every second day and keep it dry initially. Weekly appointments will be scheduled and it will take around 4-8 weeks for a full recovery.