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Toe Pain

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How does Toe Pain occur?

Toe pain can be an unpleasant symptom that significantly reduces one’s quality of life. One of the first steps to determining what may be causing toe pain is to understand potential risk factors, such as participating in high-impact sports or wearing ill-fitting shoes. Beyond that, toe pain can be caused by a range of conditions and injuries affecting the toe bones or joints. Therefore, it is important to seek guidance from your healthcare provider if you are experiencing prolonged toe pain.

Your health care provider will review your medical history, conduct physical exams, and consider other tests to determine the nature and cause of the toe pain and provide appropriate toe pain treatment options.


Causes of Toe Pain

Toe pain can be caused by a variety of conditions, ranging from physical trauma and sports injuries to medical conditions such as gout or toe joint degeneration. Neuromas, which are swollen nerves in the toes, can also cause toe pain; these are often experienced as sharp, burning pains radiating out from between two or more toes. Improperly fitting or excessively tight shoes can lead to myriad toe problems that cause toe pain. Ingrown toenails, bunions, and hammer toes are all examples of toe conditions that can arise from wearing ill-fitting shoes. Overuse and arthritis are other possible causes of toe pain. 

Fortunately, there are many treatments available for these common issues so those who experience toe pain should not hesitate to seek help from their doctor or podiatrist.

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Treatment Options for Toe Pain

Toe pain is a wide-ranging complaint that can be caused by several different ailments, including toe sprain or fracture, gout, hammer toe, bunions, and Morton’s neuroma. Fortunately, toe pain treatment is available depending on the cause. 

To start with, toe pain caused by injury may benefit from RICE therapyresting the toe, applying ice to reduce swelling or inflammation, compression wrapping to decrease pressure and control edema, and elevation of the toe above your heart.

Additionally, physical therapy may help when recovering from toe trauma. Gout can be managed through healthy lifestyle factors such as increasing physical activity and changing what and how you eat. Other forms of toe pain treatment like special shoe inserts for hammer toe or bunion pads can relieve pressure and discomfort. Surgery may eventually become necessary for more severe cases of bunions or hammer toe.

No matter what type of toe pain you are experiencing, it is always recommended to seek advice from your podiatrist – The Performance Podiatrist.

Conditions We Treat

Plantar Heel Pain Program

We can treat a wide range of conditions, injuries and pain in the foot, ankle and lower leg. Some of the more common conditions we treat include:


We like to allow 60 mins for your initial biomechanical consultation, to ensure we have a thorough history, assessment, and diagnosis, it will also allow us to formulate the right treatment plan tailored specifically to you, so you can achieve your goals as soon as possible.

Subsequent consults are approximately 30 minutes, which will include relevant treatments, assessments and progress checks.

Yes, we have a Hicaps machine onsite, which will allow for instant rebates.

  • Runners / Shoes
  • Previous Orthotics or Inserts
  • Active wear (Allows us to conduct a thorough assessment)
  • X rays, Ultrasounds, CT or MRI scans
  • Medical Reports (If any)
  • Referral Letter (If you have one)
  • Private Health Insurance Card

An initial consultation is $110 and review consultations are $90

For HCC holders or Concession Card Holders: $98 Initial and $83 review consult.

Both of which can be rebated as per your private health insurance, or Medicare.

No, you do not need a referral, we are primary care health practitioners, meaning we would be your first point of contact with any foot, ankle, or leg concern.

However, those with a chronic disease, may be eligible for a EPC Care Plan through their GP, this will enable a Medicare rebate for the consultation.

Our podiatry clinic is located at 7/101 Burgundy Street, Heidelberg VIC (Opposite the Commonwealth Bank).

There is ample parking at the rear of the clinic, off Cape Street, Heidelberg.

Yes, our podiatry clinic accepts NDIS participants who are self-managed, or plan managed.

You should book in with a podiatrist if you: Have pain in your heel, foot, leg, or ankle.

Many people believe foot pain is a normal part of life, however a podiatrist is your best bet, as we are experts in the foot and ankle and can help treat your concern on the spot.

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